Halo Master Chief Collection: Dead On Arrival

If somebody had told me a week after the release of the new Halo: Master Chief Collection that I would have barely played the game I would have said you were insane. Unfortunately, the fact I haven't played much isn't necessarily my fault. 

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On November 12th, 2014 the Halo: Master Chief collection was released for play by 343 industries on the Xbox One console. This game was highly anticipated in that it incorporates both the campaigns and multiplayers of every Halo released to date, meaning that you can be playing the Halo CE campaign one minute, just to find yourself in Halo 3 multiplayer just minutes later if you choose to do so. A game covering this many years and this many logged hours of play was a dream come true to avid gamers, especially around my age (early 20's). Halo was what we grew up on, and the opportunity to relive our childhood gaming years was something many of us deeply looked forward to.


Fast forward to November 12th, where I found myself digitally downloading the game hours before the midnight release just for the download to take upwards of seven hours to complete. This is itself isn't a big deal and I understood, given the massive file size this game holds. What happened after the download finished was what angered thousands of gamers around the world. The game simply did not work. Players experienced matchmaking wait times as long as four hours (why you would wait that long I have no idea) and even if players did find a game, the teams would be slated as badly as 1 vs 4. I have read countless testimonies on forums about players poor experiences with the game's multiplayer engine, and some of the funniest I have read to date are seen below!  


Clearly people are angry, but hopeully in the days and weeks to come, we will see improvements and get the Halo experience we have all been waiting for! 

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