Travel Without Jetlag?

For many its the bane of international travel, some engineers at the University of Michigan think they have the solution.

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by Slartibeerfest

We've all been there, taking the red eye home and knowing we need to be at our desk the next morning ready to rock. Well thats just the price we pay for having a global economy and whatnot we assure ourselves. But what if there was a better way? No I'm not talking about getting loaded at the sports bar near your gate so you can sleep through the flight.

I'm talking about an app created by some engineers at the University of Michigan that sets out to tackle this issue with data... and your smart phone. Entrain has been designed to sync your circadian rhythms with the current time, allowing you to set your destinations timezone and follow the apps instructions on things like setting the ambient light and when to get some shut eye. Yes it sounds simple enough but the science behind it is pretty cutting edge stuff. The free app is actually built on the findings of a series of Yale doctoral students and from what we've read the custom plan the app creates is pretty useful.

Well don’t take our word for it download it yourself and thank you Venturebeat for turning us onto this cool piece of tech.

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