Why Cat2See Needs to Fail

The combination of internet + cats has been widely observed, but this startup trying to capitalize on that is just stupid. To put it simply, if you adore cats enough to spend your time using this app, you might consider getting a real one.

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At this point we have to accept that cats have pure force on the web. They’re everywhere. We’ve created superstars called Grumpy Cat, and Bubs. Having said this, you may already know of an app called Cat2See that allows people to play with real cats on their phones! Gasp… what a shocker. I hope that this enterprise fails miserably. And here’s why:

"I created an app!"

First off, this concept isn’t new. iPet Companion beat Cat2See to the punch by setting up net-controlled stimulus for cats living in shelters. I just played with a cat in Canada (which is approximately pretty far from where I am). And I did it for free. Why would I want to support a company that’s in it for the money when I can support a non-profit instead? Take the money out of love.

"This is my cat Skinny. She is 19-21 years old and will perform a high five when asked." 

Secondly, our lives are flattered with impartial simulacra to the point of delirium, and we need not exacerbate this truth of modernity. If you adore cats enough to spend your time like this, you might consider getting a real one. If you have allergies there may be a chance that you can even build a tolerance as I did. I worked in a veterinary clinic for almost four years despite a fairly bothersome allergy to both cats and dogs. Although, I will warn you that building tolerance to your allergies can go one of two ways: It can get better or it can get worse. And there are always other solutions such as medications and different breeds.  

Black Sphynx

My third qualm with Cat2See is their advertisement. The people in this ad look like they have other important engagements that they are completely ignoring.

Cat2see - Play Care Share from Cat2See on Vimeo.

One guy looks like he’s in the middle of a meeting. And instead of being a productive member of the team, he’s off feeding a cat (that may or may not even be his). One dude is lounging in a library, presumably avoiding studying or reading of any kind. Props. One kid looks like he’s sitting in a class, most likely ignoring his teacher. What this company seems to promote is a lifestyle in which you ignore your responsibilities, and I am just not on board with that.

And what if the company expands beyond anyone’s initial expectations? Where are they going to house these cats? Are they going to treat them well? with dignity? I don’t want to imagine a warehouse overflowing with bored cats who occasionally get annoyed by mechanical play things. Let’s stop that musing from becoming a reality. We all have the power to not buy this app. We just have to believe. 

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