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As an Afghanistan veteran back in the home front, I can’t help but be annoyed at how unengaged our country is with the conflicts in the Middle East. Not to say that people aren’t entitled to their own opinions on the war. America is tired of endless conflicts that at times, certainly seem pointless. But are our veterans not fellow countrymen? Do they deserve to be alienated due to anti war sentiments? Maybe one of the reasons we want to go back to war is because we are tired of the way things are for us at home. I believe at least some of that is due to how we are looked at.

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We joined for many different reasons. To defend our country against extremist scourge. To make something better of ourselves. To escape an unhealthy lifestyle. To help people and help ourselves. Honorable reasons. Not once have I ever met someone who said they joined the military to kill people, legally. We aren’t murderers, baby killers, or psychopaths. We want nothing more than to keep our country and the people in it safe. Why do people look at us wrongly?

No matter what your views are on the War on Terror, or our governments decisions, we should not be made at fault. I feel like a lot of the time when we come home, people either label us as strangely reserved, angry, or some ‘maniac’ with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While a growing number of our veterans do have some form of PTSD, it is unfortunately terribly understood. It does not make us any less capable of living in society. And angry or reserved? Maybe if people didn’t ask us every day if we’ve killed people, then maybe we wouldn’t be so annoyed!

The misunderstanding of veterans can make it a hassle finding decent jobs. Sometimes business owners get concerned about our military history. They wonder if we suffer from any disorders and might not want to take a chance in hiring someone they think might be a problem. The United States can be doing a much better job of providing for it’s veterans. There is about 300,000 veterans sleeping in Americas’ streets today and 1.4 million veterans are at risk of becoming homeless (VA statistics.) Come on, America. Take some time away from the mall, and help out a little.

In a completely unrelated topic, I would like to make a request to everyone. If you visit a memorial or monument related to the armed forces, please have some damn respect. I’ve been to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier twice, and both times was incredibly disgusted at the civilians watching. Loud, obnoxious, on their cell phones, etc. Take that crap somewhere else.

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