Huge Phone is Huge

Why shouldn't there be options for large-handed, enormous-cheeked folks? Discrimination against gigantism ends with Samsung's latest offering, the Galaxy Note.

Posted on by W. Claiborne
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Techblock brings us a close look at life before and after the new Samsung Galaxy Note's arrival.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at my puny iPhone 4 with disgust, wishing with all my might that it were bigger. It’s too portable, too pint-sized, and those qualities have no place in a society that values 6,000-lb SUVs and 2,000-calorie meals over hatchbacks and sensible portions. I’m tired of misplacing a dainty device that was designed with the average hand in mind, and I’m sick of having a smartphone that’s not interested in being anything else.

It's a tough one to classify.

The Galaxy Note’s tagline asks if the device is a tablet or a smartphone, but like a girl in Spanx, it’s so much more.

And those, for whom more is aways better, will get no more satisfaction from any other phone out there now.

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