Ios Review: Rebuild

The task is simple, rebuild and survive.

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by Slartibeerfest

The concept of Rebuild is simple. The world has been destroyed by a zombie plague and you’re a lone survivor who’s just wandered into a small city. The task is simple, rebuild and survive.

You’ll lead a team of ragtag survivors, building walls around buildings and farms in the ruined city. As their leader you’re tasked with managing the resources of your group, from food and guard duty to lodging and scavenging. The danger comes at night when the zombie threat crashes at your walls. Based on your leadership the survivors will either repel the horde or be overrun and suffer heavy losses.     

The mechanics and graphics resemble a board game more than anything, but don’t let that style of play dissuade you. The gameworld is randomized offering significant replay value and the music is outstanding. Lonely and oppressively bleak guitar riffs echo 28 Days Later in it’s industrial minimalism. This impressive soundscape haunts every decision you make.

Overall the experience isn’t for everyone and it’s substance over style may immediately turn some gamers off. On the other hand if you enjoy turn based strategy and find the zombie concept engaging you're probably going to have an enjoyable time.

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