Harrison Ford to Join Blade Runner Sequel?

There are murmors that the iconic universe of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner will once again be inhabited by the original Rick Deckard. Would Ford's involvement be a boon or a bane for the project?

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Regina Small, over at The Awl doesn't seem too positive on the notion.

A reboot or prequel might have felt ill-advised, but a sequel with Ford ostensibly reprising his role as Rick Deckard is a move that feels almost inevitably disappointing and terrible. Like there are maybe a few ways that can be done right, and so very many that will inflict pain on us all.

Certainly close to the truth. It's hard to imagine a collaboration like that meeting even the most basic of our collective expectations. At the very least, we can hope Scott stays away from a drastic de-agifying of the potential star player.

(For the despondent fan, here is the compulsory denial)

George Lucas and Harrison Ford

Via The Awl.

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