This Guy Downs a Fifth of Jack Daniels in Less Than 20 Seconds

Impressive? Repulsing? Sympathy-inducing? Yes, yes and yes.

Posted on by Brent Bainto
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I’ve seen some gnarly recreational endeavors throughout my life. I mean between seeing how long you could hold a bong hit, or how fast you could possibly shotgun a beer, there’s a vast spectrum of “Bet you can’t.”

This video is one of them; it’s a clip of a brave and moronic soul pitting himself against a challenge of downing a fifth of Jack Daniels as fast as he can. The video description on YouTube says he does it in 13 seconds. It’s fucked up. His technique is simple too. He uses a bendy straw to filter out the air that would otherwise slow him down.

I don’t know what I feel after seeing this. I guess I get props, but this is by far one of the quickest ways to see someone blackout drunk. I guess what I’m feeling is something between admiration and utter disgust with sprinkles of pitty. 

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