ALS Ice Bong Dump

Cannabis activist takes the ice bucket challenge to a higher level.

Posted on by Brent Bainto
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There’s nothing more gratifyingly self-absorbed than seeing footage of yourself jumping the bandwagon of doing something outrageous (like having an ice bucket dumped on you), than why you ought to be doing it in the first place. The ice bucket challenge should never have worked, but it does and I’m not complaining (much) because it’s awesome that it’s been raising money for people affected by ALS.

But that doesn’t mean that the ice bucket challenge isn’t conceptually stupid, and getting old fast. Medical marijuana activist and 420 Times writer Ian Stuart recently released a video that easily outdoes everyone else’s.

He goes the next step further, and pours his ice filled bong and bong water on himself. I commend him greatly, as it is pretty funny and original. Plus, dude just willingly got bong water all over himself; that’s pretty gnarly.  

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