FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Struggles

Has anyone ever gone into FIFA Ultimate Team and seen players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic or even legends stacked up against them? We have, and yes like most of you, we don't have them either. 

Posted on by Ryan Flynn
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SInce the Ulitmate Team's incarnation in the FIFA franchise, millions of players around the world have dedicated time, effort, and even money in their hopes of adding a top star to their team. For those who understand this game type and how much popularity it posseses, it is widely understood how difficult and how rare pulling a player such as Ronaldo or Messi can be.

Going hand in hand with these player's rarity, millions have devised what they believe to be the best approaches to pulling these stars and acheiving virtual riches through a 90+ player. We here at War Against Work decided to do an experiement of our own, using 30 dollars in FIFA points to pull packs and see what kind of results it yielded. Below is a video of our experience, pulling 87 overall Robert Lewandowski and 87 overall Phillip Lahm. Not bad additions by any means, but also not what we had hoped to find. 


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