Rising Waters in the San Francisco Bay? A Science Fictional Map of SF As An Archipelago City

As a San Franciscan, this is kinda cool to me. Glad the house I grew up in is on one of the many hills and I appear to be relatively safe! Better get my kayak ready. 2 more maps after the jump | "125 thousand years ago, San Francisco was an island. And soon it will be one again, thanks to rising sea levels. Excellent San Francisco blog Burrito Justice has just posted their latest masterpiece — a science fiction story (with infographics!) about city planning squabbles in the 2070s, when San Francisco has become an archipelago." 

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Read more of Buritto Justice's fake AP story below:

Unlike most coastal areas of the former United States, the population of the archipelago has dramatically increased despite the 200 foot rise in sea level over the past 60 years. Pundits debate whether this is due to the increasingly tropical temperatures or the creative and cultural explosion due to density. Regardless, the 4 million people now living on the SFA are demanding expansion of the San Andreas airport - studies are underway to build three more runways on the former 280 right of way.


New Map of San Francisco?


However, the new class of supersonic Clippers will be in service by 2074 and Pan Am claims they can provide direct service to both Haight Inlet and Excelsior Lagoon, much to the relief of the Juniper Serra Conglomeration. (The JSC clearly prefers repurposing the old road to construct a rail gun space launch system with the help of Stanford Alto.)The cruise ship berths along Divisidero Harbor continue to be upgraded, while negotiations are underway with Port Orinda and Caldecott Harbor to handle the cargo form the outdated facilities at Geary Sound. With the addition of the 6th high speed rail tube to the mainland, the original tunnels (completed in 2025) will be dedicated to cargo.

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Development of high rises along the Sunset Coast and Cape Dolores has not been without controversy. The SHSFPA (Submerged Historic San Francisco Preservation Association) has once again protested and filed an environment historic review

Doomsday Scenario?


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